seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps, rubber stamps
Tiles and Tessellations
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seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps



Random Tiling Suggestions .........


DooDads 1

DooDads 2

DooDads 3

DooDads 3 1/2

Floral Minis 1

Floral Mini 2

Raven's Basket Weave

Don't be limited by these choices.....browse the catalog and use your imagination. There are many ways to "tile" an image that are not always apparent at first glance.

Samples from Ida and Leslie, to get the juices flowing!

A tiling version from Leslie Wong.



And from Ida:

We did these at stamp club last month. Very simple, just a piece of cardstock for the cover and a piece of corrugated cardboard for the spine at the top. These would make neat party favors or tie a pretty piece of ribbon around it for a very inexpensive gift.


And here is what Ida calls "A plain old card." It is an example of a slightly different "tiling" treatment.


Tiles and Tessellations--Page 1, 2, 3 and Tests