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Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted.
Creatures 'n Critters
Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted


Not "Four and Twenty" but a series of Six Blackbirds so you can make your own Flock!

The variety of sizes was a special request by Wanda Hentges. The borders may be useful for accents and backgrounds--on ATC's and "Inchies."

This plate all started with Wanda's bird ATC>>>>
Wanda is not only talented, she is one of the most prolific artists we know. You'll find her work desplayed just about everywhere on the Internet!
Her plate was scarcly in the mail before we received these samples.........Aren't they FUN?
Thanks Wanda for all the enthusiasm!


Others find the birds great fun to play with as well.......

Michelle Morelan answers Heather Strenzwilk's sketch challenge in gg designs' Gazette using Wanda's Birds.

Maybe not a "Village" but it seems to take a whole lot of stamp artists to make a card!  At least this one  : )

Thanks Michelle for bringing us all together in such a fun way.

Jeanette Waters adapts
the birds to surround Santa
in this cheery greeting
<<<<<<And another by Jeanett

A Long Time Coming.....
These turtle drawings are in response to a customer request. "Mom Cat" (you may know her from Cyberstampers) asked for a "realistic" turtle with some seasonal decorations. Couldn't visualize exactly what she had in mind but included some adaptations from earlier seasonal sets. (These are less than perfect, since they are made from scans. jpegs and gifs, not the original art work.) While a turtle wouldn't be the first thing we think of as a harbenger of Spring or a a gala New Year's celebrant or a bearer of heart felt love messages, to each his/her own!

So here (s)he is.....

A Turtle for All Seasons!

The "doo dads" (or "ditties" as Linda Blackbird calls them) are included just to get you started. We can't imagine a stamper not having plenty of choices within their collection. For more ideas, you can start by browsing gg designs' Seasonal category in the catalog.

After much discussion, (with several customers who expressed an interest in particular images), the "ditties" have been revised to be more generic. Which just reinforces the value of having have the JustRite Home Stamping Kit!
You would never be stuck with "generic" again!

Cowboy hat for BBQ invitations? Bunny ears for Easter? A tutu and a tiara? Carrying a flag in his mouth for Fourth of July? Toasting with a glass of the bubbly on NY Eve? Once you start, the ideas won't stop!

Each "set" $8.


Did You See This >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

on the back cover of February 2009 Vamp Stamp News?

Wanda Hentges writes: I've attached a picture of a card that I made and that is published on the back cover of the current Vamp Stamp News magazine (Feb. 2009).

I wanted to make a card using the [Vamp Stamp News] current challenge (resist techniques).


Not only is the turtle a response to a request from a customer, this whole category has been started at the suggestion from Jean, who "would like to see a whole line of silhouette animals and things!"

The "line" may not happen, but, since "turtles" didn't fit well anywhere, we started this whole new section. Gradually we will add a few other images that are a better "fit" here than where they currently reside and, who knows, we may yet add more silhoutte type images here as well. (We have a dandilion in this style, but it really isn't a "match" for this category.)


Not new, but more appropriate to this "new" section the Gargoyle's never really had a good home. This seems a "better" if not perfect place for them somehow.

For a long time, Elizabeth Perini has been asking for a gargoyle for her ggedesign's "garden." Here it finally is>>>>>>>

3 x 21/2" SS 4.......$5.00


It also triggered the planned set below.

During Convention/Store of the Week Social recently, there was a great deal of discussion about whether or not to produce "Gargoyles Just Wanna Have Fun!" It was decided to offer these silly little creatures as a set. $6.00 each or, if purchased by the set, $15.00. The "sayings" were requested by Leslie Wong...and are included in the set price.

Mermaid 3" x 4"



To see images on this page larger size.....

Henry certainly belongs here!

Meet Henry.....

Henry is one of Linda Mace's pet geckos. She has been wanting a "realistic" gecko carving for some time. One with "feet with five toes, like us!"

But geckos are not famous for holding still for portraits. Linda has tried numerous times to get a photo to work from.

Finally....after many attempts, SUCCESS....sort of : )

Henry is shown in silhouette only, because, at the moment, he's naked! He is in the process of shedding his skin.

So, until it's "off with the old" and he has donned new finery, we have the set below to play with. The "realistic" gecko will have to wait for another day.

Each of these patterns can also serve as background textures for other projects. They "imitate" gecko markings, though the markings are as varied individual as fingerprints.

Would love to have produced these actual size....but even at 75% these are large enough to take up considerable space on a flat, making them an expensive set. For that reason, they are sold as a set...but also as individual stamps.

The backgrounds are $8.00 each and the geckos are $6.00 each.

Can't decide? The set is $20.00 (All four images.)

11 A Background/Dark $8.00
11 B Background/Light $8.00
11 C Gecko Silhouette $6.00
11 D Gecko Oulkine $6.00

Full Set 11 E $20.00 $15.00

Gloria Swiech gives Henry spring finery!

Jeanette Waters presents: Henrietta!!!



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