seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps
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seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

These "door hanger" pharases are $5.00 each.



$4.00 each.

11 E Work/Love/Dance--$3.75

11 F Many Thanks--$2.50

11 G Holiday Greetings--$2.00

11 H Let Us Give Thanks--$3.50

ffL $3.00

ffM $2.50
ffN Both...$2.00

12-A $10.00
Even though these were intended to be cut apart and used individually, using them together, on the diagonal, makes a quick, easy, all purpose card.
Thanks You Sample

When you need a really big thank you.......$10.00 now $8.00
Not a Bar Code.....$2.50

No Naked Envelopes!!!......$4.00

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