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seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

These pages are constantly "In Progress" since they are in response to requests from customers who are looking for specific phrases. Many of the words and phrases are sold individually, so that you may buy only what you need.

Can't find the exact phrase you're looking for? If it is of interest to you, other gg designs buyers may need it too. Write us and we'll see if there is room on a flat in progress to include your request.

You can compare relative sizes visually but since monitors vary, approximate sizes are sometimes included to help you judge their usefulness for the project you have in mind.

GATHER MEMORIES...a BASKET full of them! Both rubber stamp images are by gg designs, one computer generated (phrase) the other hand carved, soft block image produced as deeply etched, unmounted rubber stamp.

When Cyberstampers' StampVerb presented this artwork for a Mystery Stamp event (November 2004) we all wanted to try it. But, no one wanted to take the time to print the phrase letter by letter, as "Verb" had done. So, we decided to make a stamp for us all to use.





Gather Memories--two versions--both unmounted rubber stamps
Please specify whether you want all caps or upper and lower case.
Either Set--$7.00

unmounted rubber stamp  Henry Van Dyke


462 Use Talents....$4.00

Pen and Ink, unmounted rubber stamp

Single Poppy Blossom plus "Hand Stamped by:"

Blossom approximately 1" square



Use for "signing" back of card or add to back flap of mailing envelope.

Larger Single Blossom



larger version, pen and ink, unmounted rubberstamp

useful phrases, rubber stamp

113.......................All three for $5.00

JUST A THOUGHT seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps, rubber stamps...................1 3/8" Wide $1.00

EYES ARE THE WINDOWS seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

3 1/4" Wide

"These lovely lamps, these windows of the soul."

Attributed to: Guillaume de Salluste Du Bartas. (1544--1590)

John Bartlett (1820--1905).  Familiar Quotations, 10th ed.

YOU'RE INVITED seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps, rubber stamps

3" Wide

PHRASE SET 1seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

Largest Word....3 1/8" Wide

Wishing You ..... 2 5/8" Wide

Phrase Set 1.....$9.00

Contributor, Supporter, Friend. Made many samples seen throughout this rubberstamp catalog
From Linda Blackbird....

What are the chances of adding another set of phrases to the 'wishing you' series?

Same font and size as the others.....phrases like "a happy birthday"..."a happy anniversary"..."a speedy recovery," "a good day"...etc, etc. I know, they sound generic and boring, but.....

Ask and.....

Linda Blackbird's rubber stamp phrases request.

This set is designed with plenty of space, to allow for cutting and lining up the phrases to suit your card layout and design. ......

Phrase Set 3.....$7.00

seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps, rubber stamps Martha Myers created this plaque after the September 11 WTC tragedy.

ART IS TOO MUCH FUN seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

2 1/2" Wide

WE CANNOT ALL DO GREAT THINGS seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps, rubber stamps

3 3/8" Wide

Bless Your Year--unmounted rubber stamp--poem useful for many occasions.



This verse came to us on a Christmas Card but we find it useful for many other events and particularly like to use it for cards when contacting someone we have not talked with or written to in a while.

How much time do I have? Time to stamp rubber, of course!355....$5.00