seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstampsSeasonal--St. Patrick's
seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

SHAMROCK FLAT seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

Cut out individual shamrocks or use them in random groups. In this set there are plenty of stamps to entertain a class or group[. Easy, economical. The shaded stamps create a "second" color without ethe extra step. They sould be used with a fairly dry pad for the best results.

Flats are $16.00 each. Buy both and save.....Both....$28.00

ST PATS seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

This set offers many possibilities. Make pins for your Irish or not-so-Irish friends.

B W SHAMROCKSseaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

Hand Carved Look, card size (approximately 3 x 4") $8.00

Though scans seldom do justice to the actual card, it's always fun to see what customers do with the images they select.

The sample below, left, is the work of Brigid Lally. On the right, a card by Cinda Beach. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

SHAMROCKS seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps SHAMROCKS seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

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