seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps
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seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps


Mail art has been around for a ...l ..o..n.. g... time! If you haven't "played" with it yet, you are bound to at some point.

Stamp images below are meant to pave the way...making your beginning adventures into this fascinating art form a little easier.

Postage designs with solid centers
ND 2-1
Postage designs with empty centers
ND 2-2
Postage designs trio, small--three versions
ND 2-3
Postage -- cancellation designs
ND 2-4
Postage--Larger Trio--fill
ND 2-5
Postage--Larger Trio--no fill
ND 2-6
Postage--Larger Trio--plain
ND 2-7

Some people take mail art very seriously but many approach it with a great deal of humor. If you have some funny cancellations, seasonal or other "messages" to add to the envelope decoration, please share. When possible we will add it to the enhance everyone's mail.

The "Happy Birthday" cancellation stamp is $2.25.

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