Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmountedP
Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted



ff C


ff D


This star was designed for those of you who do not care for the "hand carved" look.

It is simple to color with felt tip pens and works well to add a red, white and blue image to your mail.

1 1/2"

ff E


ff F



Though not technically a "Patriotic" image, cranes have a long tradition of bringing wish this case, the wish for peace. To learn more about this tradition and it's origins, visit "The Sadako Project."

"Folding a paper crane is like making peace -- some of the steps are awkward. At first it may seem impossible. There is definitely more than one route.Patience and consultation are helpful. And the result, big or small, is a thing of beauty." Quote from "The Sadako Project."

Cranes $2.50 each

10 D/E/F/G

These carvings came about because of the difficulty I was having folding paper cranes for a project spearheaded by Carving Consortium member, Ginn. She organized a drive to collect strands of paper cranes to be sent to New York (after the September 11 tragedy). She is collecting thousands of cranes. To participate in or check the progress of this effort click here:






2 1/2" version


Martha Myers discussed the need for certain images just now. She mentioned that Nasturtiums represented patriotism.

So....a Patriotic Nasturtium.

Apologies to Martha for this scan.....It is such a special card we wanted you to see it but the scanner picked all the gold embossing as green. Visualize if you can, lovely, rich gold embossing against the subtle blue and the strong red. Very patriotic!

Later there will probably be a Nasturtium, sans ribbon and stars, included in the gg designs flower collection, but for now, these additions seemed important.

Approximately 3" x 4"

10 A


10 A Mini


2 1/4 x 3/4

10 B


Patriotic Sunflower

Even without specially designed images, the patriotic look can be achieved, as demonstrated by Linda Blackbird. Red, White and Blue Sunflowers and gold stars.

10 C

Set 3 1/2 " Wide


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