seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps
seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps, rubber stampsseasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

This section is devoted to items that don't seem to fit well in other categories. It is broken down into sub-categories, to make "browsing" easier, faster.


Liane asked for crowns for some of her projects.

Here they are!



Lucky Hunting Hat & Boots

4 x 4 1/2"

11 F $10.00

Wanda's Socks

2 x 2"

202 $5.00

A sample by Linda Blackbird.

We don't ususally think of gg design's images as "sports" images. Who knew?   : )

Thanks Linda.

Both the glove and the ball are Rubber Stamps of America.
The letters are Hero Arts.

Red Sox card

Car Keys

1 1/2 x 2 1/2"

302 $6.00

Key Set 1

3 1///4 x 3 1/2"

1402 $8.00

Smaller set

2 1/2 v 2 $4.00

Above, samples by Linda Blackbird, who has made many wonderful Serenity Prayer Card/Bookmark combinations. A great idea for a small "birthday" commemoration for friends in any of the Twelve Step programs.

Sara Jenson
<<<<<This makes a great notebook for gardening tips and information.Gardening Tools
2 1/2 x 4"........$5.00



Gardening Gloves
2 1/2 x 3 1/2"......$5.00

Dad's Tools....#363.....$16

Great use of "Dad's Tools!" These are the work of CarolynBogdahn. Thanks so much!


Pens-891 A-2    $8.00

E-Mail is Quick, Telephone Calls Are Fun!

But there's just something about an envelope in your mail box with a familiar handwriting that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.
Let's not let personal, handwritten notes become a "thing of the past." Adorn your writing with these pens to remind everyone that at one time typewritten letters were a business format. Friendly correspondence was always hand written and selecting just the right stationary was part of the joy.

Create your own "look" to your personal note writing and, if you've forgotten the pleasure of it and think of it as a "chore", treat yourself to a quiet few minutes thinking about someone who's important to you and drop them a message. It need'nt be long and doesn't have to take much time but the rewards are many. Try it!

Telephones   891-C   Approximately 4x5   $8.00

K & G's Telephones 

If you think note writing is too time consuming, give a friend a "quick" call.

However--be forewarned--"Quick Telephone Call" is an oxymoron in gg designs (and most folks) vocabulary! We believe that--other than hanging up on a telemarketer's unsolicited interruptions--there is no such thing as a "quick call," but you're welcome to try.

If you accomplish one, congratulations! How about sharing your secret?

KITCHEN--Champaign glass, coffee/tea background images,kitchen utensils, light bulb icon, watering can, two style pitchers, cup, measuring spoons, warmer, shaker, salad set.

CHAIRS -- Imaginatively titled "A through E" !

SHOES -- Tap Shoes, Ballet Slippers,Tiny Mary Janes, traditional baby shoes and "Olde Soles," a customer's gardening shoes and another customer's "lucky" hunting hat and boots.

TOYS -- Presently tend toward "Old Fashioned." Raggedy Ann, Andy, Rocking Horse

NEEDLECRAFTS-- Tatting Shuttle, pin cushion, etc.

JOURNAL--Push pins, title, lines, etc.

MISC.--Socks, keys, hats, gardening gloves, gardening tools, Dad's Tools, Pens, Telephones