unmounted rubberstamps, carved-look art stamps,unmounted rubber stamps

unmounted rubberstamps, carved-look art stamps,unmounted rubber stamps

This section is devoted to items that don't seem to fit well in other categories. It is broken down into sub-categories, to make "browsing" easier, faster.


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journal journal journal journal journal journal

jour›nal Pronunciation: 'j&r-n&l Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English,

service book containing the day hours, from Middle French, from journal, adjective, daily, from Latin diurnalis, from diurnus of the day, from dies day Ûmore at DEITY Date: 15th century

1 a : a record of current transactions; especially : a book of original entry in double-entry bookkeeping b : an account of day-to-day events c : a record of experiences, ideas, or reflections kept regularly for private use d : a record of transactions kept by a deliberative or legislative body e : LOG 3, 4 2 a : a daily newspaper b : a periodical dealing especially with matters of current interest

The therapeutic and pleasurable aspects of regular journal keeping are widely recognized. Currently there are many approaches....from a daily, written diary to a fanciful collage, with it's meaning known only to the artist.

Whether you choose strong visual components or a traditional written approach, the mysteries and gifts--the rewards--of.journaling can be a gratifying, informative personal exploration.

Stamps, whether they are simple "accents" or make up the large portion of the entries, are fun to incorporate and give much added dimention and personalization to your work.

Journal Set 1..........New Price--$8.00

Journal Set 2............New Price--$8.00

From the Holiday Impressions Convention--

During Ariel Azarel's journaling class and subsequently, Heather "Keribou's" recent class on journaling, many new ideas and requests for stamps were generated.

Below are some of the stamps that evolved from those discussions. More will be added and your special requests are always welcomed. (Not all can be produced, however.)

Heather and Ariel discuss needs for specific stamps for journaling.......

Heather--Char, I think you could do a set of lines and it would work. Yes- different journals are different sizes but even if you did 1 set of lines I think people could use them. Maybe 3/4 inch between the lines.... how about the size of a standard quarter sheet of CS . . . way for either kids to write inside cards they make or for a journal or to write notes in a scrapbook or on the back of a photo. To Ariel- if Char was going to make a stamp of lines for journaling what size do you think is best? (Char needs some convincing that we need these . . . the poor misguided woman . . . It seemed that lots of people in class the other night wanted wide lines to write on. I think that would be a great addition . . . Also a large word JOURNAL.

From Ariel: I think small is better -- maybe four or five inches wide at most. Even in big journals, it looks better and is easier to write in sections or columns -- in fact, many journalers who draw their own lines do just that. If someone wanted the column to be long, they just stamp twice or three times down the page. Also, smaller stamps would be perfect to make captions to drawings or photos or ephemera on a journal page. Or say a four by five inch stamp could stamp lines onto a piece of artwork and would be perfect for writing a quote on.

And...gleaned from the Rubberstampers List:
. . . "Borders, embellishments/accents, titles, backgrounds (I rarely buy patterned paper anymore), journaling (I have a stamp that stamps lines through templates to make journaling lines in fun shapes), and probably more stuff that I can't think of now. Chele :-)

3 x 5 " Lines.....$8.00


Use this stamp...or actually add a post-it note....(glued or taped permanently) into your journal to insert or highlight information.

A faux post it note...."attach" with a paper clip or a push pin!
Push pin and Paper Clip from catalog.
Bullets to highlight entries.

Don't limit yourselves to these images. Anything goes in journalling. Check out Heather's journalling class for additional ideas.

KITCHEN--Champaign glass, coffee/tea background images,kitchen utensils, light bulb icon, watering can, two style pitchers, cup, measuring spoons, warmer, shaker, salad set.

CHAIRS -- Imaginatively titled "A through E" !

SHOES -- Tap Shoes, Ballet Slippers,Tiny Mary Janes, traditional baby shoes and "Olde Soles," a customer's gardening shoes and another customer's "lucky" hunting hat and boots.

TOYS -- Presently tend toward "Old Fashioned." Raggedy Ann, Andy, Rocking Horse

NEEDLECRAFTS-- Tatting Shuttle, pin cushion, etc.

JOURNAL--Push pins, title, lines, etc.

MISC.--Socks, keys, hats, gardening gloves, gardening tools, Dad's Tools, Pens, Telephones