Mystery Stamp--December 2005

The "Stamp">>>>

Julie Frokjer

You've all heard the "dog ate the homework" excuse. In this case, the dog ate this tree! But fortunately, there was documented proof so Julie gets an "A" anyway : )

We think it looks pretty tasty...but wonder a bit about the dog's appetite!

Joyce King

Mail Pail

We think this is a great idea!


Had you been able to attend the Mystery Stamp "Reveal" you would have heard the "how to" of making the projects above. If you are really interested, you can check out the unedited log files at Cyberstampers. You'll get in on all the "chit chat" and find the directions interspersed in the conversation.

Denys Hannafey (who missed the "reveal") writes:

I am like a mad scientist when I stamp. I stamped the images on white sparkle cardstock, inked up with burgundy ink. Cut all of them out except for the yellow/gold stars. Colored them with pencils, highlighted with crystal effects and glitter. Cut them up to fit on cardstock. The yellow/gold stars were DTP. Then I just got a q-tip with a little chalk on it and highlighted around each piece.
Attached to coordinating cardstock.

From Elizabeth:

I really got into this challenge,felt the juices flowing again. At first
I just stamped two pages full of all the elements in different colors.
I wanted it to "pop" with all primary colors, and it did. I love these
My plan was to bring them to work, cut 'em out and try different
arrangements on a stamped Christmas tree, then restamp them, but, too
much work!! Besides,I liked the way it looked, so I stuck'em on with
double stick tape . You'll notice I stamped the outline star on an
ornament and emphasized the "rays", stamped the solid star on the
stocking and borrowed some stamped texture from
another stocking. I used all of your designs!
The yellow glow background was "Marvy" Brilliant yellow ink pad direct
to the paper. See the smaller red ornament on top of the tree? That
isn't perspective, I messed up the edge so I trimmed it.

The next card was to play with all the elements I still had. Then,for the all purple and pink tree,I stamped all new elements, just for the pleasure of the colors.
I don't think I'm done, yet. I have a lot more elements left. I finally have the Christmas spirit!
Thanks for sharing your "after the holidays" fun, enthusiasm and excitement with us Elizabeth. Hope you'll be back with more when we do the "Christmas in July" event. We might all get ready for Christmas on time in '06.

There were a great many more Mystery Stamps purchased than there were projects presented. Probably (as Denys noted) "Christmas came up so fast, I never got to use them except for this card."

As a result, a plan was hatched.....we will be doing a "Christmas in July" event.

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