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Meet Linda Reid....

Since Linda was the FIRST customer for gg design's "carved look" images, it seemed fitting she should be the first customer in the spotlight for this event.

(For more information about Linda, check the following pages.

Linda is well known to on-line stampers. Her work has been highlighted on many sites and she has been published in virtually every stamp magazine there is.

We asked guest artists (during a special sale) to "select your favorite or most useful stamp."

She says:

Well, let's see.........I use the floral minis a lot.....and the watering can and the other tall plant - I also like the harvest plate.

So.....we've selected the "other tall plant" (both versions) for the sale.

A helpful hint from Linda-- Try doing a background paper with a "koosh" ball - "stamp" it on an ink pad and then on the paper.....over and over....with the same or different colors

Linda has "orchestrated" the production of some of gg designs stamps. Most notably, the STARS with texture stamps, featured in a recent convention. During this project's "rehearsal" she suggested doing a "flag" stamp in a similar style. Out of this grew the "Star Stamp Sections" in a variety of styles and sizes.

A very busy person indeed! Juggling her job (see heradditional information next page), it's fascinating, her "Grandma Duties," and all her other committments. (Including MUCH unique, hand stamping and other hand made items for her daughter's recent wedding.) You wonder how she finds the time to turn out the wonderful pieces she shares so generously with us all.

Selecting images for this sale was a bit of a challenge. Linda writes: I really don't have an opinion - as you know, I rarely wait for sales - if I want an image, I buy it :~)

NOTE: It was because of this, the "Early Bird" discount was put into place. Linda is always first in line when new images are shown and there are no images left to entice her when sale time arrives. It somehow didn't seem fair that she never got the sale advantage.




PCH Plant--Negative

PCH Plant--Positive


Want to see more of Linda's work? CLICK HERE and type her name in the search engine. It will provide links to some of the pages showing samples of her work.