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Linda Mace

My life as a's a quick synopsis for the convention bio: I started stamping about 3 years ago after the rather serendipitous discovery of RSM. I was in a bookstore looking for a magazine to keep me company on a long business trip...RSM looked interesting...little did I know what I was getting myself into. I was afraid to actually DO any stamping for some time but had great fun collecting supplies and knowledge. I finally realized that I would never stamp unless I actually owed someone a card, so I put an ad in RSM to swap some artwork. Again...I had no idea what the response would be. I think I heard from 70 people. I've met some very wonderful people through stamping...lifelong friends. The best part, though, has been finding out that I wasn't a failure in the art department. I could actually make art! What a revelation that was! All in all, stamping has been an amazing journey for me...who knew when I picked up that magazine 3 years ago on a whim what a trip I was about to embark upon?

What Linda hasn't mentioned is another "New Direction"....she is now a "carver extrordinaire" and is a member of Carvers' Consortium. Way to go, Linda!

<<<Linda presents "Henry."

This was a picture featured in the Fall Flavors convention and it was there the stamp featuring Henry was introduced.


Because her computer was kaput, Linda did not get to see Gloria Swiech's use of "Henry." For that reason, and because we thought it was such fun, we are giving Henry in "Spring Finery" an encore presentation!