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Linda Blackbird....

I was first introduced to stamping and embossing, (I was enthralled), about 12 years ago. Over the next 2 years, I bought nearly every PSX stamp, ink and embossing powder available at that local specialty shop. However, up here, on the New York/Vermont border, we hadn't heard of such a thing as a heat tool, so I wore a path in the linoleum back and forth to my kitchen stove. I was doing burnt edges and the soot technique, without even realizing it! I definitely enjoyed stamping, but the store then replaced their stamp corner with other enticing, but non-stamp related items. This left me searching for supplies in my very rural area. My waning interest shifted and my stamps were brought out only occasionally. Then, during the long, cold winter months of 1999, I decided to log on-line and see what was new in the world of stamping. Oh My!!!..... The fire burns brightly again.......this time within me, instead of on my cardstock at the kitchen stove!

Helpful Hint: Play, play, and play some more with the stamps. Have fun just trying different backgrounds and stamping in black. The bold lines of the images make a quite a statement.

Favorite Stamp Choice:
Live, Love, Laugh....(original)......this was a hard task. My favorites change daily. There are so many good choices.


Linda at work in her studio.
Linda, showing off her notification of publication. Look for her work in the Dec./Jan. issue of "Stampers Sampler," page 55.--Yes, she used a gg designs image : )
Bottom picture is Briley--Linda's granddaughter and the ONLY person who can interupt her stamping without suffering dire consequences!



Linda was the driving force behind the production of the Live/Love/Laugh set.. She also was responsible for the folk art angels set, among others.
Lately her major contribution has been to harass gg designs mercilessly to remove the samples from the pages of the catalog, to make them load faster. We knew it was important, but since it wasn't a "fun" job, we tended to keep putting it off. So--for those of you with painfully slow modems, you should notice an increased load speed in the Christmas Carved and Flora and Fauna sections. Additional areas that have been reworked are the "Other--Kitchen, Chairs, Shoes, Toys and Needlecraft and the Frames, Background, Borders, Textures and Design Elements sections.






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