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Her son Atticus.

You can see he's already following in his Mother's creative footsteps!

I am a long-time 'collector' of rubberstamps and at one time felt I had so many that I needed to put them on a 'no-no' list--meaning I could not buy any more stamps. (Probably owned a whole whopping 30 or so stamps!) At that time, stamp pads came in black, blue and red; embossing powders were clear, black and sparkly; and masking was a secret I wasn't privy to! About 4 years ago, my cousin asked me if I was a "Stamper"; well, I collected stamps and stamped, so I would THINK I was a stamper...something inside seemed to tell me there was a new meaning to being a "Stamper" and that I really was NOT one! I began to imerse myself in the stamping world as we all know it and at that point in time I became a "STAMPER"! I work full time and have an 18 month old, which leaves little time to 'play'. My playtime activities include: stamping, quilting, scrapbooking and cake decorating. I love all crafts-especially those that involve textiles and beads. I like to think I'd be a good sculpter, but that remains to be discovered! I dream of retirement and having more time to do all the activities I love which are pretty much whatever I'm inspired to do at the moment. I love Direct-to-Paper technique. Favorite stamps are any that I think are well-drawn. I like realistic line style drawings of vintage/nostalgic children, kewpies, fairies, fantasy/midieval women; whimsically drawn stamps-especially of female empowerment/goddess symbols, as well as drawings that have a playfulness about them. Etchings are also favorites. Companies I especially like are ggdesigns (of course!), Enchanted Ink, Acey Duecey, Third Coast, Magenta, Beeswax, Stamp Out Cute, Her Rubber, ERA Graphics, StampFrancisco, and StampLand.

NOTE: Leslie is a frequent contributor of samples and ideas and checks the site closely and keeps us on our toes! Thanks for all your help, Leslie.


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