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Meet the Stamp Artists
Customers use gg designs' in their own unique ways.

Karen Eberle is a rarity..... An "off line" artist. But, even though she has not yet joined us in cyberspace, she does have a sample (of one of her Goco prints using the tulip) in the catalog.


Fairly new to stamping and to thinking of herself as an "artist" she is not quite comfortable with it, (though those of us who know her, always thought of her as an artist). Among other things, Karen is exploring stamping, collage, altered books, jounalling, printing and photography while she looks for her niche. She put aside her "corporate" hat, her "student" hat, her "helping professions" hat and is trying out her "Artist's Beret."

She says she still remembers when her idea of "crafts supplies" was borrowing her son's crayons! Now she has a studio full of equipment and supplies and has joined the ranks of those of us who can't throw anything away! Her grandson surveyed the scene one day and asked her innocently, "Why do you have so much STUFF?"

We hope later to have a more detailed biography from Karen, chronicling her path to the arts.

When asked what is her favorite stamp....with no hesitation, she picked
the chairs.