gg designs' unique rubber stamp
Meet the Stamp Artists
Customers use gg designs' in their own unique ways.

Joyce Stewart...REALLY didn't want her picture posted. Since gg designs avoids cameras at all costs, we really couldn't complain.

When Joyce said "I feel too inadequate stamping wise to be included in your bio thingy . . . I'll take a rain-check on that if you don't mind." We agreed to hold off on the bio information, (even though we disagree with her reasons) until she's ready.

You'll just have to wait a while before you get to know about her love of calligraphy, the beautiful work she does and all the other interesting information waiting to be shared.

My thoughts . . . the background . . . Ida inspired me with. I would choose the floral background because it is taking me in a different direction and I don't know where it will lead but I'm enjoying getting there!

Below are two of the "directions" Foral Background #2 has taken Joyce.

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