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Jeanette Waters Invites Us to
"Give Wood Veneer a Try" 

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Rubber Stamp Carved Look

Getting to Know Jeanette

In her blog Janette writes:

I am a retired tech in the medical field. I truly enjoy the freedom of not going to work everyday. I live in the beautiful coastal area of South Carolina. We have the marsh and ocean nearby. I love to walk on the beach. I do quite a bit of stamping and other crafts. In my glorious retirement I have plenty of time to do the things that I love.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

You will want to link to her blog. She reports on many interesting challenges and blog/stamping activities.

On to the Wood Veneer..........

          The Basics:  Very simple....only TWO rules to follow:
                                              1. Always use a fixative on veneer before stamping.*
                                              2. NO heat embossing!
                                     Other than that, it is stamp and color.

*Jeanette says she uses hair spray. We think that's a great idea! We are guessing (hoping) it is less environmentally harmful than other forms of fixative. If anybody has the answer, please share! Note of designs tried this and.....just like when using hair spray on our hair, we used too much. It curled the veneer. (Funny, it doesn't curl our hair when we are heavy handed with it.) So....light many as you need.

          Veneer Samples and Availability

Pictured here are just some of the types of veneer available.
It comes in many sizes and colors and some is adhered to heavy card stock, making it a good weight for a post card.**

Jeanette writes:
The Wood Veneer Man* is my source. . . [Other companies on-line] also sell it but it is much more expensive.

ggd--If you do an Internet search you will find many sources that only sell in large quantities and are not suitable for small crafters.

* More information about materials and ordering information at end of tutorial.

** gg designs has a special "Post Card" stamp available. There are a couple in the 99¢ MiniMall Store and when those run out they can be ordered at their regular price.


Click to see full size>>>>

Supplies for this journal:
1 Veneer Post Card 4" x 6" for front cover
Cardboard - One piece cut 4" x 7" for back cover
                    One piece cut 4" x 1" for front cover hinge  
Two colors card stock - One color to cover hinge and back cover
Book Binding Tape or something similar
Ribbon (self stick)
Two Brads
Cutting tools, ruler and hole punch

Jeanette says: I stamped my gecko on a picture from a magazine, heat embossed* and layered it on to the black ink dyed veneer post card using Mod Podge.

No....Jeanette did not violate her "Rule #2--No heat embossing. She embossed the image on paper, not on the veneer.

Jeanette continues:
    If you like you can stamp directly onto the veneer.
    I covered the back and end pieces with card stock.
    Next I arranged the pieces into a journal leaving a bit of space between the end piece and the front cover (to
          leave space to bend).
    I taped the end piece and front cover together securely to make the front of the journal.
    Punch holes in ends of front and back covers.

Cut as many 4 " x 7 " journal pages as you like. Punch holes to match cover.

Assemble and use brads to secure.

Finish your Journal with decorative ribbon tape.

Samples below--without the 1"x 4" hinge--are postcards but would also make interesting journal cover possibilities:

Watercolor Markers

Permanent Ink
gg designs

Dover Publications

Colored Pencil
gg designs
Other Ideas: stamping with bleach and a mosaic of different veneers
She says......I think the possibilities are endless.
And, because she doesn't want anyone to have to wait to try this technique Jeanette has generously offered two free veneer postcard samples just by sending her a self addressed, stamped business size envelope (one first class postage stamp) to:

Jeanette Waters
152 Crooked Island Circle
Murrells Inlet, SC. 29576

She has also provided this tutorial in an easily manageable size to download and use as a convenient "cheat sheet" while you work on your project. Here is the tutorial in an abbreviated version:
Save the images to your desk top to print letter size copies of this tutorial.

More from Jeanette.....In an email she writes:
Did you know that I have a personal stamping encyclopedia. I call her Inky-pedia. It is really Jenna AKA Inky Whiskers at RubberStampChat. She is full of knowledge about everything stamping. Anyway in RSC Tips and Tutorials she answered a question pertaining to warping of veneer. She also linked us to her blog with her wonderful set of veneer tips. You might want to check it out. Her blog Inky's Musings.

We checked and got Inky's permission to link to her blog. (Just click on Inky's Musings) Also, you might be interested to know that the list of hints is included with the sample sets of wood veneer the Wood Veneer Man sells.

If you are excited by this technique and would like to get a supply of materials, you may contact Jeanette's favorite source:

The Wood Veneer Man
to purchase one of three sample sets currently available:

Sample 1-- Card Stock Weight
6 -- 4 x 6 Post Card Size
6 -- 2 x 6 Book Mark Size
6 -- 2 x 3 1/2 Business Card Size
$4.95 + $2.00 S & H

Sample 2 -- Paper Thin
Assorted Wood and
Peel and Stick

10 -- 5" x 5"
1 -- 4.5" x 4.5"
$4.95 + $2.00 S & H

Sample 3 -- 4 Card Stock and 6 Paper Thin

10 -- 12" x 12"
$15.00 includes S & H

The Wood Veneer Man currently has a web site under construction. Until it is up and running you may use his email to order or get price quotes on other sizes available. He has post cards, business cards, ATC sizes in a variety of wood tones.





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