During a Store of the Week Celebration

Ida Abshier's latest work was shown.

Ida's version of Janet's Bougainvellia.....and both Ida and gg designs wish Janet would plant something easier to spell!

Another Bougainvilleaµ

Full size and Mini Size Calla

Grapes and Floral Background #2

Peruvian Lily and Mini Petunia

Morning Glories

Below --Left to Right:

Can you guess which stamps were used for these dolls?

This may be a preview of an event later on called

"Point of Departure."

If this sounds familiar....we started talking abut it when we saw Deb Frank's domino samples.

And finally.....Ida has requested a red, white and black event which she swears make dramatic "5 minute" cards

Below: Ida demonstrates the "Drama" but we question the "5 minutes."

The doll is a repeat because she fits both the "Mystery Stamp" and the Black and White categories so well.