Awake or Asleep....No Matter!

Either way, Caleb David Burgess is Grandma Lee's pride and joy!

She writes: I'm proud to introduce my newest grandson. Caleb David Burgess was born on December 26th. He is such a wonderful blessing since they tried for over 6 years to conceive. He now weighs a bouncing 13 pounds.

I pick the number 26 since that's the date of his birth.

Lee Tucker

Number 26 and winner of this month's featured stamp set (see Gazette Front Page) is: the winner and to the Burgess' who are the biggest winners of all!

Poor neglected page   : (   For a long time it was a monthly event....a new entry, a new prize winner. But for some time there has been little interest here. So, while we would love to resume regular postings, we won't nag (about this anyway) and will wait until someone has a burning desire to show of a new baby, a new pet or a new project.

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Meanwhile......speaking of  "bragging" check out the "mini slide show" of some of the work from gg design's friends.

Sally"s Pride and Joy:

This is Baily!!!

Welcome Baily to our "love fest" page. And thanks Sally for adding to our fun and for picking number 55.

Winner of a "grab bag" is:


Happy February!

Always on top of things, Arlene Faber spotted that this page had been neglected this month! WHOOPS!

So, she "fixed" the oversight by sending this darling picture of her granddaughter.
Does it not make you happy just to look at her?

Arlene writes:

I am sending you a picture you can use for the Etc. page if you wish. A couple of years ago I sent my infant grandchild's photo. Here is one from this Valentine's day that I took of her at a party. You can use 14 as the number for Valentine's Day. (The shot was taken at her big sister's Bat Mitzvah party.)

The winner is:  
The prize: One of the February Specials stamp sets shown at the bottom of the Gazette Front Page.


We start of with

Ida Abshier's

Granddaughter Jenny and Great Granddaughter Maddy!
(Ida, how can that be?)

Ida raised boys so when she finally got some girls to play with she had a great time with ruffles and lace and fun and frilly things.

She is also extremely proud that her Granddaughter is a serious and accomplished artist. Ida invites you to visit her (granddaughter's) web site at :

Winner is:

Lee Tucker sends us these>>>>>>>

The first 2 pics are of my service dog, Stoney. She wasn't to happy about me wanting to get her in the holiday spirit! Heeheehee

Next is a picture of my friend's dog, Findy. She had been trying to get under this buffet for awhile, & she finally did it! We almost thought we were going to have to lift the buffet to get her out! lol

Lee picks #50 and the winner is:

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