rubber stamps, unmounted, carved look

Our apologies! Arlene's "challenge" got "lost in the shuffle." It was first presented in April and somehow got run over by Mother's Day card enthusiasm. The directions also got "muddied" between the posted instructions and follow-up emails you might have received. Hopefully we can clarify things here.


Arlene Faber's Male Mail Challenge

There are men in your lives who deserve being appreciated at this time (Father's Day) as well as on other occasions. Arlene triggered this discussion when she wrote "I have just about as many guy [20 +/-] cards to do too." about sharing your"Guy Cards" or "Man Mail" (Male Mail)?

Use Jeanette Water's January Sketch for This Challenge

Arlene answers her own challenge.....

AND Jeanette Waters sends this card:

Here are recent submissions.....

From Mexico.....Audrey Roseman:
. . . here is a father's day card I just made using DogGoneStamps' Max the dog. I am also going to attach 2 man birthday cards, one is a Westie and the other is called Construction pup. So there you go manly and father's day.

ggd.....Make you smile, don't they?

Audrey says......Thought I would send another Father's Day card to ya! The sentiment inside says:

You may not always make a hole in one.
But, you will always be #1 in my heart and life!
Happy Father's Day!




Yogi (from Canada) sends this card:

My dad passed away almost 20 years ago and I'm not married to have a "dad-in-law", so have no need of Father's Day cards... but then I just got this urge to make some. This is one of them There will be a few others that will be posted to my Blog some time in June for other challenges.

(ggd--Be sure to check Yogi's blog)

I was creating for another challenge coming up soon and had a bunch of scraps on my desk and thought I'd do some weaving with them and then this card was created. BIG GRIN. As you can see it was done with various blues and greens, some which had run through my Cuttlebug, then I mounted it to a dark blue and then on to my main lighter blue cardstock. I used my EK Success circle scissor* to cut out both circles one from an aqua type blue and one from a metallic copper. Used a Sizzix lower case alphabet die set to punch out the word "dad" and rubber stamped the word "Love" (Quietfire Design "Life Journey word set) with a gold stamp pad and embossed with Queen's Gold.


"bunch of scraps on my desk and thought I'd do some weaving" ---What a great use of leftovers!

Q--What do you do with your scraps and leftovers?

Yogi's descriptions are like mini-tutorials. Makes it easy to try the techniques in making your own cards.

Thanks Yogi


ggd--Yogi...what is an EK Success circle scissor?

GUESS WHAT?  Ask Yogi a question and we get........a product review!  Very helpful. ggd is including this for your information. We have no connection with the companies, nor, we assume, does Yogi. But here is what she has found out in working with these circle cutters:

An EK Success Scissor is I think the best on the market. There have been a few others that have come out within the past few years, but none are as good.
The EK Success "Orbis" scissor can cut anything from 1" to 6" diameter circles (that I find is the only limitation which bothers me - I want to cut bigger circles - BIG GRIN). It has 150 option sizes - little holes where a swivel head cutter fits into. And I've never had a problem cutting paper or cardstock with it.

The others on the market are Martha Stewart's (same concept) but, which have a lot less circle sizes on it and only goes to 5.5" diameter. And then there is the Cutter Bee Curvy cutter, that is more on the Colluzzle style and has very limited amounts of circles you can cut.

The Fiskars circle and oval cutters are good too, but take a lot more preperation before you're able to do your cut and are not flat for easy storage.

The magnetic circle cutter by We R Memories is pretty good too. Although I did have problems with thinner papers, but it cuts 12" diameter circles and will cut through heavy cardstock and goes a good way into mat board so you only need to run an xacto blade into it to finish the cut. Great for making round book covers. When I bought it, I just bought the cutter without all the attachments (saved a chunk of money that way). I had a magnetic note board (from Ikea) that works great, put a cutting mat on top of it, your paper and then your cutter, and away you go. The magnet is really strong.

Hope this helps
Take care yogi
Calgary, Alberta


More from Yogi......


ggd--Yogi did this card for another challenge but it is appropriate for our "Male Mail" collection.

She writes:

I don't really have "guy" people that I give cards too, so this is probably my least favorite of all the cards I made, although I do like the results. We were given a large rectangular piece of cardstock with tape on it and told to create whatever patterns we wanted, then using a template of the tie, to cut it out. I just did a very basic design type tie. It is an off sized gate folded card, so to keep the card closed I added a little half circle cut out to slip the left hand portion under it. Added the words with a Zig marker "Just 4 You" which should work for just about any occasion for a guy.

Mary Dinucci sends us this card for Dad! The influence of her Florida life-style shows!



Just after posting that no one was interested in voting we received these comments:

From Arlene Faber: I love Yogi's work. Her lettering is always wonderful.
Followed by: But where or how does anyone vote on these?

There's a button at the top of the page. BUT, since we've decided not to award a"prize" but a token TY to everyone participating, we will accept comments rather than votes. They are usually more meaningful, anyway.

>>>>>>>   to send a comment for one of the stamp artists!


Can I vote for 2 cards????
I really like Arlene's original card, the one in brown and tan with the bees, using her sketch.
AND... I like Yogi's card with the woven background.

If you have a tie, maybe my 2nd vote will break the tie???????????

Mary Dinucci

I'm so confused. I don't know if I'm voting or just commenting. Anyway, I vote for Arlene.
I really like her card. The textured papers are beautiful and perfect for a man card.

I'd like to comment on how well everyone designed such appropo cards for a male. They are probably some of the hardest cards to make. Just great everyone.

I'll be seeing you for the next challenge.

Jeanette Waters

More from Arlene:  I guess everyone was waiting till father's day to vote so we could see the latest entries. I loved what Jeanette did with her variation on the theme. Many of the others seemed to have strayed from the sketch entirely. I had figured that it was not fair to vote till all of the entries were posted.

Maybe we can get our heads on straight for the next

ggd...."heads on straight" seems to be a difficult task for ggd lately! But we will try for simpler next time.

ggd apologizes for confusing everyone. Originally we asked for VOTES but no one responded. Then we decided to award a small prize to everyone participating. This announcement was followed by votes/comments. So here we are. NOW we are asking for comments about the work.

Again....we apologize for making this whole thing so complicated. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Hi . . .

I too was waiting till I thought everyone would have uploaded a card before voting.
C'est la vie.
I also like Arlene's card. Like the brown's and the textures.

And looking forward to what the next challenge will be.
Take care Yogi
Calgary, Alberta

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