rubber stamps, unmounted, carved look

The JULY Slice n' Dice CHALLENGE!!!

>>>  First....Check out Linda Blackbird's Slice and Dice Tutorial HERE!

A      l   o   n   g      time ago (don't ask!) Linda sent gg designs samples of a project she was working on and enjoying. The images were not gg designs but we liked the look and the technique so much we included it in our Click Class section.
(Have you investigated these customer produced tutorials? They're great!)

But, unlike the "Outlines" designs Linda used (they were made for the technique) the idea is to use gg designs images (or other similar images, if you do not have an appropriate ggd stamp) in a totally new way. You will be using "organic," fluid, loose, non-geometrical stamps in ways they were not intended. There are no "rules" and the directions you find are "points of departure." They are meant to trigger new ideas, new ways of looking at stamps you have but may have put aside or grown tired of them.


This one will HURT! Have some stamps you do not know why you bought or where they came from? Don't know what to do with them? Maybe don't like them any longer....or never did in the first place? CUT THEM UP! Yes! CUT THEM UP! Cut the image into at least five pieces and stamp away! You'll see them in whole new ways.

Can't bear to cut them up? Then stamp first and cut up the paper. Ida Abshier does this with scraps. See her directions at the very bottom of  THIS PAGE.

Kaliedescope angles, tea bag folding, quilt squares, equilateral triangles, snow flake and star "arms" are all good structures to use for creating your designs.

Heather Strenzwilk writes (about this challenge):
I like that slice and dice idea.

Jim Stephan did a kaliedescope technique years ago. I bought the book. . . like the idea of using ugly stamps or stamps I didn't like in a new way. Some of the samples were great- and used stamps I never would have considered.
Click on Jim's name above to find out more about the book....and if you decide to buy it, please tell him Heather and gg designs sent ya!

>>>Jim also has "Quickie Mount," the easiest, fastest stamp mounting system we know about. It's not pretty but it's simple, inexpensive and very fast! Handy to keep on hand.

REMEMBER--As we said above--Rules are points of departure. The idea of this challenge is to send you off in new directions. There really are no hard and fast rules. You are breaking ground for yourself so play! Note: It is fun, but not necessarily easy. Congratulate yourself for being willing to explore!

Please send us your samples as you finish. We hope to assemble a large and varied collection. It is unlikely two people will read and use the directions in the same way so we will be excited to see where this takes you and all of us.

Have fun!

Added "after the fact".......long after.......

gg designs sometimes participates in carving exchanges through an online group called the Carving Consortium.

Recently, in that group's OSW (One Stamp Wonder) exchange we received a project that just begged to be included in our Slice 'n Dice section.

First--One Stamp Wonder is an exchange that requires you use the same stamp in totally different ways, one project per month for four months.
<<<Here is the original image
and HERE is one of its OSW incarnations >>>

The artist with the terrific imagination writes:

Have you ever thought that a cat's ear looked like a flower petal? Well, I thought it did--at least the stamp.


The flower petals are done from part of the cat stamp.....
and filled in with part of another stamp I made to fill in the cat stamp.


There's a plant called "lamb's ear" so I sort of thought of this as a "kitten ear" bloom.

... and just fyi, no stamps were sliced or diced in the making of this card. (sounds kind of violent...) I am likely to use stamps in various ways, though I mostly use stencils and jigs - nothing fancy - that I rig up at the time, usually just using scrap paper.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It's of great value to all stampers, whether they are carvers using their own images or stampers using purchaced stamps.

First entries in were these:

from Michelle Morlan

Michelle carves her own stamps and, from the look of these entries, we are guessing she does quilting as well   : )
In a note she stated that these probably were not what ggd had in mind. What we had in mind is totally unimportant. The purpose of these challenges is to get us all trying something different. We love the quilt look.

We are hoping Michelle has time this month to make a Slice 'n Dice sample using her own stamps. They are lovely and, like most ggd images, the Slice 'n Dice technique is certainly not the first way you would think to use them.

Thanks Michelle for "coming out to play."

A Second Entry from Michelle:

As you know, Michelle is a stamp carver, a very good one! In these samples below, you may recognizes the "parts" from her first Carvings-to-Stamps effort.



The background is so interesting, we may as Michelle to do a brief "How To" for us........OR....hmmmm.....background tutorial/technique exchange/Challenge???   "Keep tuned in."

These are the images Michelle used for the samples.>>>>

Even without "Slice 'n Dice" these are lovely, versatile images.

If you are interested in purchasing a set, write to Michelle for information.

Michelle Morlan STAMPS


Though she didn't send it as an "entry" ggd loved the "influence" of Slice 'n Dice on the card she wrote when sending us the above image to scan.


<<<Here is the card.

Does the "hat topper" look familiar?

This was not an actual"entry." It was from a collection of samples by "Burning Rubber." It fit so well into the "theme" that we couldn't resist. You can see other of Burning's contribution here


Two other "Non-Entries" but appropriate inclusions are these by Heather Strenzwilk:

She didn't know we were including these and sent a sample she put together just for this event:

Background with cut out portions for card




If you follow Yogi's Blog........

You have already seen this.

Yogi writes:

gg designs' challenge for July is to take a rubber stamp you don't use or like and use it in some other way, and to try to use one of hers... Well that's the hardest part, since I like all the stamps I have of hers. OK so I recently got this leaf set (Mini Mall #12 leaves) and used the largest one from the set. See the full 8.5 x 11" sheet I made below. I then made a 1" square mask from some white cardstock so I could see sections without being sidetracked by the whole thing. As you can see by the background image below my squares were skewed all over the place.



Background: White piece of cardstock. Stamp image with perfect medium or other clear stamp pad, then thermal emboss with clear embossing powder. Leave enough room between images to cut out without going into another image, unless that's what you want to do. Mist/spray with water and drop, brush or spray dye or water media colors onto misted surface, tilting paper this way and that to get color bleeds and blending. I used Distress reinkers "Worn Lipstick", "Mustard Seed", "Dried Marigold", "Spiced Marmalade", "Peeled Paint". I put a few drops on a palette and mixed with a few drops of water and applied with a brush. When happy with color scheme, let dry completely. I found the colors a bit glaring so I rubbed some Distress pads over the whole thing (Old Paper then Frayed Burlap). When that was dry, I placed my background under a couple pieces of clean newsprint and ironed off the embossing, using clean pieces of newsprint as needed till everything was off.

I did the paper casting of the leaf, directly over the rubber stamp. I placed one small piece of Kleenex tissue over stamp and misted with water, and with a soft brush, pressed the paper into the crevices (this also interconnects the fibre layers of the paper). Continued doing this with about 4 more pieces. Let this dry completely, took off from rubber stamp and wet only the edges with my dirty water from the background and tore of excess paper. It had a greenish tinge to it which I liked.



Ran a piece of olive green cardstock through my Cuttlebug using the "Mesh #37-1151" embossing folder. Since my cardstock was larger than the folder, I put it in sideways and after the first press, moved the folder down and ran it through again to cover my whole piece.

Mounted this to the cream toned main card. Ran my 1" background squares through my Zyron (wasn't in a mood for messing with glue) and stuck them to the green embossed surface. I only glued the outer border. Didn't need any under the leaf section.

I cut a piece of brown Mi-Tientes cardstock a little larger than my leaf casting, edged it with a Krylon gold leafing pen and adhered it to the card. Then used a bead of white glue in the body portion of the leaf casting and placed it on the brown cardstock. Added the gold Peel Offs sentiment "Thanks"



The word sentiment is one of my calligraphic Peel Offs sold under Els label at There are are about a dozen themes with different style lettering on each sheet, and they come in black, white, gold & silver.

Thanks, Friends, Thinking of You, Love, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, You're Invited, Congratulations, It's a boy/Girl, Xmas & an Xmas Seasonal, with a couple more coming out the end of 2009 or begin 2010.



It's good to know that Yogi's lettering is available to all of us. We all admire Yogi's work but not many of us can do it.

However....Yogi has outlined a way for us all to get better at it. Not as good as she is, but better, in any case.

Later this month we will print Yogi's "Mini-Calligraphy Course." It's actually a response to a question she got from someone here. Once is't posted in the Gazette, we will add it to the "Classes and Samples" pages.

Thanks, Yogi.

From Arlene Faber (who says: I can't wait to see all of this stuff get posted)

The first one does have an even border of pink that was cut off on the scanner. The flowers were "sliced" from one of your carved flowers stamps and I cut the outer edges with a deckle scissors. The second picture shows the background more clearly. It is made from freezer paper that I had used to protect a surface while sponging paint on some plastic photo frames. This was sliced and woven.

The third (below) is a piece I did with a less than square stamp that I stamped several times in two colors of ink. The corners were cut from two prints and the center part was cut from one print with the center strip removed.



ggd had a hard time waiting too!

Every email with a scan brought a new and exciting surprise.

Hope these ideas inspire everyone to take a new look at their stamps or to jump start their creativity when they feel "stuck."



Always up for a challenge, Jeanetter Waters writes:

Well, after lots of going thru stamps and pondering, here is my entry to Slice & Dice.
I used my Gecko stamp. I didn't cut the stamp I cut the stamped images. I started with an assortment of green and complimentary colored papers. I stamped the Gecko in black once on each paper, 5 in all.

The heads and tails and each leg was separated from the image.

I started with a 1" circle for a base and arranged the heads around it. The tails filled in the empty areas. Then came an arrangement of front legs and feet. The top layer is back feet only.

I didn't know how to finish off the center with a gecko fragment so I used an old earring. This didn't turn out anything like I thought it would. In fact, it turned out better. I do wish I'd used cheerier colors, but, maybe for the next one.

I have one other stamp in mind to try slicing and dicing. The cutting really does in my hand so it might take me awhile.* If all goes well it will be more involved. We'll see.

This was really fun. I can't wait to see what everyone else has done.


My Blog: H20 Creations


*  Don't even think about it! We are not out to maim our stamping friends!

Love what you did with Henry! He never looked so good   : )


Jeanette Does Another!

She writes:

I sliced, I diced, I arranged, I re-arranged....again and again and again. Went back to the tutorial. Re-arranged again but used pop dots between layers this time. It's now starting to come together. It still needs something. Edged with silver metallic marker. It still needs more. I took a couple of layers off and added silver sparkly thread. Ahhhh, we're getting there. It is looking sort of Americana to me so I grab my small star punch and punch a few stars. The center star is layered with a tiny square of foam tape and the others are just glued in place. My little bit of "Americana" is finally finished.

I think these might be nice as Christmas Tree ornaments. Put two of them back to back.
What do you think?

I'm going to retire from slicing and dicing for awhile now. But, it is a fun technique and I'm glad that you put it up as a challenge for us. And, for me, a challenge it was.


ggd.....Thanks for hanging in there and giving it another try. From one challenge two distinctly different approaches. Even if you are burned out on Slice 'n Dice at the moment, hoperfully the technique will fit in sometime when you really need to "change directions" in one of your projects.

Remember.....We said directions were a point of departure? Well, check out Ida Abshier's contribution. If this doesn't send us all in a new direction, what will?

First, let me say that Ida is a "Voice from out of our past." But she will be in all of our futures. You'll find out more about that with the introduction of the August Challenge.

On to Ida's "Slice 'n Dice" submission.            Meet "Miss Julia" below left.

Ida wrote:
Here is one I cut up! Made a card out of the colored figure but I can't find the file, so I am sending the whole sheet.

That is ALL she wrote!!!

So, ggd looked and looked and decided she had (obviously) added the lady's head and put moveable arms....but that is as far as we could take it.

See what you can find that makes this a "Slice 'n Dice."

Here is what we received:


If you can't make it's a hint....the sign:
This sent us back to take another look and we had a good laugh.....on ourselves! It was a "duh" moment and we could just about hear Ida laughing and saying "Gotcha!"

If she got you as well......Click Here to see the "Answer."

Just under the Wire......This note from "Seamom"
I have a card for the challenge.....
           We have been traveling in the RV for a while. I had some stamps with me and did a bit of stamping in the evenings. Since I have been home though, I have had a hard time getting back in the groove. Some refer to "mojo" as being that creative drive. I guess mine stayed in NC for a while. It's coming back - YEA!
          So here's a card that I finished and mailed to the anniversary couple this morning. An anniversary card was needed for a friend, and I liked the sketch. (Mercy's Tuesday Sketch Challenge.) Among my MANY stamps, I couldn't find an appropriate verse that would fit in the image panel . . . and then I remembered ggdesigns "slice and dice" challenge. The stamp is one I have had for a long time and have used occasionally. It is rubber on cushion so the "slicing and dice-ing was relatively easy.

Still stamping,
Mary Dinucci
gg designs loves how "Slice 'n Dice" came to mind when you needed to alter something. That's what the challenge was all about and hopefully is a tool everyone will take away from this participation.


Are we greedy or what? With all these great contributions, we still want to see more, more, more!!! It's been so exciting opening each and every email attachment. We don't want to stop!!! We are waiting....all of see what YOU do with this challenge! Come on! Join the fun!

And of course all of the artists would love to hear what you think! Write to us by clicking the following underlined link and we'll post your comments HERE!

ggd wants to start by thanking everyone who has participated so far. It's been really exciting to see the different approaches. We hope this technique serves you in the future. And we hope the great examples get you excited and you will send many, many different versions all during the month of July!

Hi Jeannette
That slice and dice is fabulous even with the earthy colors. What a great idea.
Take care Yogi
Oh my gosh...These girls bring 'Slice and Dice' to a whole new level! Such creativity! What a treat to see so many different spins
on the idea. Even though the technique didn't originate with me, thank you for using it as a catalyst for these wonderful creations....They are all truly inspiring!     

from.....Linda  Blackbird...
who started it all  : )

There are lots of surprises in this bunch of cards, but what Ida did with two stamps to create the lady figure is truly imaginative. I would vote for her to win the prize for most inventive use of two stamps.

ggd--"smost inventive use of two stamps".........Hmmm.....Sounds like another possible challenge!!!

A viewer from Rubberstampchat:  Boy, you've really have some talented people who think outside of the box! Tell them to keep up the good work!


Hello Everyone,

It has been so wonderful seeing so many interesting and creative submissions to this challenge. I'm glad that it has been extended so more people will have time to submit.


We'd love to add your comments here....but, more importantly, we'd love to show your samples!!!


As promised.................
a name has been drawn from the participants in the Slice 'n Dice Challenge.
We wanted to "judge" this Challenge and award a prize on merit or popular vote but found that the entries were so varied and interesting we couldn't compare them fairly so we resorted to the "drawing." Price Waterhouse didn't answer our calls so we entrusted the job to our littlest Granddaughter Hannah who picked SEVEN. Not surprising, since this was her age on her recent birthday.

The Slice 'n dice winner....of the August "Stamp of the Month" is: Ida Abshier.