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January 2009

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January Challenge--A Sketch from Jeanette Waters

No size requirements, no color limitations, no special materials. You have free rein. Though gg designs' would like to see one of our stamps used somewhere, even that is not carved it have fun! Use your project for Thank You Notes (we all have plenty of those at this time of year) or Valentines' Day or???? Just enjoy!!!

This is the first "Throw Down" of 2009. We think that's what this kind of challenge is called.....we'll have to check with Heather. This is a "Blogging from A to Z kind of question.

We will be posting submissions as they come in so you might want to register with rss fwd (bottom of the page) to be notified whenever this page is changed.

We haven't decided how (or even if) a winner will be selected. gg designs would never presume to judge anyone's work and voting is often not fair. So, since Price-Waterhouse is a tad out of our budget and secrecy is not a big issue : ) we may decide on another drawing, selecting a name from the pool of entrants. Why a prize? Why not? Like virtue, participation is not its own reward! And having folks join in is great fun.

Thank you Jeanette, for getting us off to a good start. For making visiting the Gazette pages much more entertaining.

Sketch Challenge
(In Order of Submission)

Jeanette Waters answers her own challenge.

I used:
Stamp  Small tile from gg designs
Card stock  black,brown, beige, gold
Designer Paper  beige w/brown spots
Embellishments Animal print suede boot lace and wood beads.

First Sketch/First Response/First Question....Question about Jeanette's card -- What are the 4 fasteners in the corners of the tilted rectangle? Hard to believe they are the "wood beads" she lists in materials...M.

Clarification Jeanette?

Jeanette writes: Yes, it is wood beads at the corners. They are from an old hippie type necklace.
                            And, the leather laces came from Big Lots.

Note: As "gg designs" we should be interested in the use of one of ggd's images but truthfully, we were most intrigued by the shoe laces   : )  If we are spotted running around in sloppy, floppy shoes you'll know the laces went on to a better life!

To get a closer look at the stamp Jeanette used, click on it and you will be taken to a page showing the "set" of tiles from which this was chosen. You will also see other examples of it in use.  But please don't forget to use your browser's "back" button and return here! We don't want to loose you  : )

  Coment for Jeanette? Visit her blog:

Audrey Roseman, who's new to gg designs', sends in her first submission:

Here is what she had to say about it:

The card is a standard 5 1/2X4 card with the layers of cardstock, rose pink and then a slightly patterned cardstock crimped with a hearts border done with the fiskars border punch. The small cream cardstock is 3X3 with rounded corner and metal heart brads. I then stamped 3 flowers, hero Arts stamps (I don't have my gg designs stamps yet) and colored them in with gel glitter pens and embossed over the entire image with clear embossing powder. I also added some pink ribbon

And literally seconds after this was posted we received this email:

Sorry I did it wrong. I thought I could do my own sketch. Didn't realize I was to use Jeanette's sketch. Just exclude mine, I have never done this before so was not sure of the rules. DUH!!

Nothing goes to waste at gg designs! We thought you'd like to see this and welcome Audrey who bravely "Came out to play!" We're saving this spot for her submission using Jeanette's sketch. So....could we have a warm welcome for Audrey please? Thanks!

Here is Audrey's interpretation of Jeanette's sketch:

Here is my submission using Jeanette's sketch.
The card is a 5 1/2 X 4 layered with jeweltone cardstock. The stripe is leftover Christmas cardstock. The strip with the images is from a piece of scrap paper from Club Scrap. The flowers are from Hero Arts and the flowers are colored in with gel glitter pens then embossed with clear embossing powder. The flower brads are metal, and come in assorted colors.

Again, thanks Audrey and welcome.

You can visit Audrey's blog and leave her comments on her cards.

Oh What Fun! Another Challenge Response Winging It's Way to These Pages

Wanda Hentges used "Wanda's Birds" to send a "love message." (A Ha! One card down, how many more to go Wanda?) Great way to get a head start. Valentine's Day will be here before we know it!

Can't you just see this attached to a heart shaped box of chocolates? (Guess it's the "chocolate colored" birds that sent us there.)

Want "How to" information on constructing this card? See Wanda's  blog:

When you visit her blog, you can leave comments on this card for Wanda.

Click on the birds to "meet" the set Wanda "engineered" and which was named after her. They are in the catalog under the new "Creatures 'n Critters" section.

Click on the bottom of the card (the background, the flowers or the "Valentine" text) to see "Bush Background" an early gg designs image as useful today as when it first appeared.

                                   Heather Strenzwilk takes on Jeanette's Challenge.
Click in the center of the card to see more of Heather's Big Bold Blossoms and figure out if you can tell just which "blossom" she chose for this card. The images are often surprising when you see them in use vs. as part of the set.

Thank you notes are useful all the time....but especially after Christmas.

Directions are on Heather's Blog.....

Send your comments to Heather by visiting her blog.

On it she states: But I think sketches can be used to inspire- even if you don't follow them exactly.

It is gg designs stand that artists should be "inspired by" but not slavishly follow any instructions. Some people are very comfortable with that while others need a bit of encouragement to "do their  own thing." What is your position on this subject? Write to "To Follow or Not to Follow?"

She also mentions using up her materials.....another of gg designs' pet crusades. We'd love to know, when you put together a project, where you've improvised because you didn't have the exact item called for. Remember, necessity it the mother of invention--to coin a phrase : )  --- so necessivent away (a term we just did "coin") and share with us help us loosen up. (This has the earmarks of a future Throw Down!)

We have a "click class" called "Making Do" that deals with this a bit.

Pages 4   and   6   of Click Class One also show "work arounds." How about sharing some of your "in a pinch" ideas?

Mary Dinucci Takes on the January Challenge

She writes:
I finally had time to create a card for Jeanette Waters sketch. Having a sketch to follow is great fun for me.
It's a bit like Christmas....... I thought about adding, "I think I can! I think I can!" on the lower right hand corner. (:-)
Still stamping,
Mary Dinucci 

? Comment for Mary.....



Pine Cone flat

The train is from the Pine Cone half sheet set.

It is one of gg designs customers' all time favorite images.

And, in the same mail with Mary's card....this  comment from Vivian Reilly:
Aha, neat--That's a nice layout sketch.

Now we're waiting impatiently for her answer to the "Challenge" since she stated: Perhaps I need to sit down and do a card . . .  We'll be watching our emails Vivian  : )

Yogi's Heart Warming Entry

Hi there
Finished a card for this challenge. Excellent layout.

Here is the link to my blog for it and I've attached a pic of the card.

Take care, Yogi

You can leave comments for Yogi by visiting her blog.

(Click on the cups on the left and the right to see the gg designs' stamps used.)

I used a 5 X 6 1/2" ivory card

Stamp: "You are special..." by GGDesigns

Paper: K & Company - Amy Butler designs

Embellishments: 9mm smoky topaz jewels, flower, etc embellishments by K & Company - Amy Butler designs

Die Cut - Sizzix Die Envelope Square w/Petals

Thank you for your consideration of this submission. This was my first response to one of your sketch challenges and it was so fun!

                        All Best


? Comment for Darlie.....

We especially appreciate that you found it FUN. We hope everyone does. That's what it's about  : )  Thanks for making it more fun with your participation, Darlie.

By the way....we've created something of a monster with our "all lower case" logo. It confuses everybody, even computer forms and the Post Office. They just can't handle it. We use gg designs....all lower case...nary a Cap to be seen....with a space between gg and designs. The jury on the apostrophe is still out. Sometimes we use it, sometimes not. Most often (lately) not. We point this out because you might "loose" us if you search for GG or GGDesigns. Most search engines will find us but just in case, we don't have enough of you  (customers) that we can afford to miss any one of you  : )

Arlene Faber checks in:

Here is ane more version. I always need birthday cards. The stamps were from the kids stocking stuffer bin at Michael's (4stamps in the pack for $1 - who could resist). The squares were from a pack of pre-cuts in a dozen colors and 4 edge designs. The ribbon from a donated pile to my Wed. morning workshop. The striped paper was from some stuff a friend no longer wanted. I used the yellow layer to pick up a color from the ribbon. I think it ended up sweet - a card for a girl. It will probably go to one of the 20 nieces or great neices.


? Comment for Arlene.....


With TWENTY nieces and great nieces you certainly do need to stockpile birthday cards!

In a follow-up email Arlene let us know "I have just about as many guy cards to do too. We are a card-happy family."

Maybe a special challenge some time this year can be "Guy Cards" or "Man Mail."