rubber stamps, unmounted, carved look

Heather's Valentine Sketch Challenge

Here is the sketch for February. I used a Valentine's theme because it is my favorite holiday. This month's sketch challenge is a bit different because it is not so much following the layout exactly...

1) Stamp or somehow decorate your cardbase. Try to avoid patterned paper but if you must decorate, distress or somehow make it unique.

2) Create 3 rectangular panels of assorted widths which run across the width (horizontal) of the card. Each panel MUST be a different width [depth]. Or you can turn the panels so they are vertical- but each panel MUST be a different width.

3) The panels can be placed as desired on the card- vary the amount of space between the panels.



Even though Valentine's is Heather's favorite holiday, she answered gg design's "throw down" with these almost "non-traditional" versions of her own sketch.
: ) OK....there are "some" flowers (not the expected violets and roses) and kisses are certainly a part of the Valentine Celebration, (some would say the best part....they are so tasty and have no calories) but these remditions are certainly unexpected with a uniquely Heather touch!

All images on these cards are from gg designs.


Did you ever give a party and no one came?

It feels AWFUL!

We're smiling now....because.....

Jeanette Water's "came to the party"
and HOW!!!

She heeded Heather's directions: . . . "not so much following the layout exactly" and chose not to do the panels horizontal OR vertical! It works!

We do love a free spirit   : )

Questions and comments for Jeanette.....

Comments:  You go girl!    Thanks for sharing.

    A Ha!!! Another "Free Spirit"

Audry Roseman writes:

I know this may not fit, but it does have the sentiment and some ribbon.

I just love this shoe stamp [gg designs] and thought it would be nice for a little girl. I got the shoes to shine like patent leather by using a few layers of clear embossing powder and heat setting. The ribbon is from Sew Home a company out of PA and I have had it for a few years. The sentiments are from Flourishes "I Love Roses" set.

Questions and Comments for Audrey.....

Comments: Those two shoes are so fine in patent leather!


Audrey "kicks her shoes off" to come up with this version that more closely follows Heather's "three panels" sketch instructions.

What a surprise from Arlene Faber....... I am sending you what I did with the sketch (the shades of purple) and . . . more done by folks in my Wednesday morning workshop. I shared the sketch and instructions with them. Some bent the rules more than others. I also told them that it could be for any occasion.

Sorry but on most of these I don't recall who did which one. One was done by a man.....the lone male in our group.We are a part of a larger club called "Crafty Ladies" and we meet separately once a week under the name of "Paper Arts" to work on cards and scrapbook things.

                                      Arlene Faber
I used one of [gg designs] leaf stamps as the background with a watermark pad and lavender chalking.

Dozens of ideas.....and (counting Arlene's)
a dozen cards!

We can feel future challenges germinating from these many and varied approaches.

We hope this group will join us again....and we would love it if the designers would step up and take credit for their work, and tell us more about how they made the cards and any special techniques they used.

I just typed the  "Who's counting numbers?" on the computer.
Used polka dot ribbon on top and wider number printed robbon on the bottom.
I'm always looking for an appropriate birthday card for our age group!  
                         Sue Rawleigh

I wanted to use words on my card and coordinated the strips by layering them with the same colors.
We all enjoy our Wednesday card class and look forward to more challenges.
                             Linda Shrimplin

Just used odds and ends that I had.

All of us have a really fun time in the Paper Arts Club and we enjoyed making the cards we sent you.
Mary Ann Manion
Member of the Paper Arts Group

Questions and comments for Arlene and the group.....

Comments:  Please congratulate all of the ladies and the 1 gentleman in your group on their wonderful work. I hope you all submit to future challenges.

Yogi sends......
Hello From The Heart

5"w x 7"h

I used a cream toned cardstock as the base. Added two strips of hand made paste paper (pink toned stripes), and using a Martha Stewart lace punch on the bottom one. The middle strip is Bazzill monochromatic cardstock in a dark purple. Rubber stamped the outline version of the Teapot (GG Design) using Versafine Vintage Sepia on hand decorated Pan Pastel paper, then ran it through my Cuttlebug to get the bird/vine design, which I then rubbed the high points with some brownish Rub Ons. Cut it out including the lid, and glued it to my card.

Punched out small flowers (McGill Petite Petals Punch) from various hand decorated paste paper and thermal embossed resist papers. Glued on some olive 4ply waxed linen thread for the stems (both under and over the teapot handle) then glued my flowers adding a contrasting center flower and then a drop of either yellow Stickles or a blue Stickles. Wrote in my words "flowers say hello from the heart" with a black micron pen.

Anybody besides gg designs jealous of Yogi's calligraphy and lettering skills?

What a great asset they are for a card maker.

Question for Yogi....Are the hand made papers you mention made by you or purchased?
Answer.....I hand painted/decorated all the papers myself                                                          

Additional questions and comments for Yogi             

Comments •  I really enjoy the pastels you use in your creations.

            •  like your lettering . . . your composition.

From Linda Blackbird:

This was harder than I anticipated. I needed a 'friend card', so wanted to go in that direction, but my brain just wouldn't wrap around the sketch!

I ended up layering more than I originally
intended to, but since when do our 'creations' end up looking
ANYTHING like we first envision????

Flower and keys are punched and the text is from a DCWV vellum stack.
The gg designs lace is embossed in Egyptian Gold e.p.

Thanks for the challenge, Heather!

Question for Linda....."DCWV vellum stack" would be?????
Answer..... It's a little booklet of sayings, printed on vellum, by Die Cuts With a View. Almost all the scrapbook/stamp stores carry versions of these, in all sorts of themes.

Linda continues.... The cards are all wonderful! Brings life to the site, eh?
ggd.....Certainly does! Don't know WHEN we've had such excitement!

Questions and comments for Linda.....
I agree with you about the sketch being more difficult than it looked.Your friend will be happy happy to receive this beautiful card.                                                                       

Isn't this FUN? Please join us with your "take" on Heather's Sketch.

February's "Non traditional" Valentine Challenge
(without a layout/sketch) Valentine's Cards with nary a heart or flower in sight.

Nothing like the "Penny Dreadful's" (nasty, mean little cartoons given instead of friendly equally nasty, mean little kids)...... just different. Can love and affection be expressed without flowers and hearts and pinks and lace and ribbons? Give it some thought while you prepare your Valentines and if you come up with an unusual one sans the standard trappings, share it with us. (This should stretch our approaches a bit.)


First Out of the Chute!

Here is my entry for the no flowers or hearts or pink, lace, etc.
(I had just made the card the other day and I though tit fit the category quite well.)

As you can see the outside says: Stop Horsing Around.
The inside says: Be my Valentine.

Cardstock is layered with pattern paper.
The horses are stamped using the masking technique then colored with prismacolor pencils.
The horse stamp is courtesy of CowTown stamps.
The phrasing was done on the computer.
Happy Stamping

Audrey Roseman    

Questions and comments for Audrey.....

Did You See This ....

.........on the back cover of February 2009 Vamp Stamp News?

Wanda Hentges writes: I've attached a picture of a card that I made and that is published on the back cover of the current Vamp Stamp News magazine (Feb. 2009).

I wanted to make a card using the [Vamp Stamp News] current challenge (resist techniques).

Wanda didn't submit this card for gg designs' February Challenge but it fit so well we just had to add it here. Except for the almost imperceptible hearts, it certainly fits into the "Non-Traditional" challenge.
Questions and comments for Wanda.....

Jeanette Waters' tackles the "Non Traditional Valentine"..........

"With a Song in My Heart"

•DP* is from Scrappy Chic on a black base card.
•Bird is stamped and embossed in silver.
• All of the papers are edged with silver pigment ink
• I used a bit of the silver ink on the feather.
•The music is clip art.
• I used black ribbon so that it wouldn't be too "traditional".

* Stamper's Abreviations: DP= designer paper, CS= card stock, and EP= embossing powder  (Thanks for the clarification, Jeanette.)

From Jeanette: I sure get a lot of use out of the bird set.
ggd: Thanks for "showing it off!" The birds were largely a result of Wanda Hentges enthusiasm for a "little birdie" from an early Halloween Set.

Questions and comments for Jeamette ....


Long time gg designs friend and supporter Linda Blackbird sends this message:

Am I too late for the party?     [Of course not!]
The nontraditional Valentine card challenge.....what a perfect chance to use one of my favorites!

The pinecone was stamped on acetate.
After it dried, I first dropped various inks onto the acetate...right over the stamped image,
then spread a layer of dimensional glue,
and ended with tissue paper that had been crumpled, and somewhat smoothed out.
When that all dried, I flipped it over, trimmed it and adhered it to lime, not yellow, cardstock. (darn scanner!)
Printed the text on lime c.s. and mounted everything to a dark green panel, which is mounted to a lime card.
Thanks for the fun challenge!

At this point we hadn't seen the card yet and couldn't figure how lime green and a pinecone [one of gg designs' all time most popular images] could be used for a Valentine!

Take a look......

Linda promises an answer to Heather's Challenge as well. Dare we say we are on "Pines and Needles" (ugh, sorry) waiting to see what she will come up with next?      : )      We didn't have long to wait.........see her "friend" card above in the section with Heather's sketch responses.

Questions and comments for Linda ....       Comment: beautiful

Yogi Takes the Cake...With This Entry
Feb 10, 2009 - Gold & gg designs
Non traditional Valentine Design

Created: Feb 10, 2009
"Cupcake Valentine Card" 5"w x 7"h

I decided to combine two themes into one card. Created by hand's challenge this week was to use gold and gg design's challenge was to make a non traditional Valentine card (no hearts or flowers anywhere!!).

I started out by coloring white cardstock with Pan Pastels, all over with red and some dark grey and blending. Then masked off a rectangle and used gold spray webbing. Removed the white cardstock mask and outlined the rectangle with a gold gel pen. Trimmed the white cardstock down a bit to fit within the gold outlined area. Used a brass stencil (Dreamweaver - 3 cupcakes) and Dreamweaver's white molding paste on the gold webbed white cardstock. When dry colored it with Tombow markers and added some Diamond Glaze on the cherry to make it shinny. Added the red brads and the words with a black micron pen "Tell me I'm your cupcake... and I'll tell you you're the icing on it." Mounted the red layer onto a beige toned card.







Questions and comments for Yogi    

• I never realized that you could color stencil paste with markers...thanks for sharing that tip!

• A friend of mine uses embossing paste but I haven't tried it yet. I like the look you get with it.


Heather's Valentine Sketch Challenge:     Heather selects:    Arlene Faber-
I think her approach was very original- I love how she used the feather image. Plus look at how she got her whole group involved. That alone deserves a round of applause.

For a prize- maybe send her a stamp*- or ask her if there is a stamp that she would like. Sometimes I think there is honor in bragging rights and not necessarily a big prize. Her friends will get a kick out of it too I bet!


*We had discussed what to do for folks who had already won a "Signature Stamp."  We don't want people to be discouraged from submitting often. So, if you've already won a signature stamp, don't hesitate to submit again. We will designate another prize for you.

February's "Non traditional" Valentine Challenge:     gg designs had a terrible time making a choice for this challenge! Love a good laugh....and Audrey's "Stop Horsing Around" started us off with a smile. Wanda's use of a turtle as a Valentine also made us laugh. Jeanette's "Song" was just so sweet, really lovely and the "3-D" with an actual feather was very special. Yogi's cupcake got us in our sweet tooth but in the end, though at first glance it looks rather serious, the caption made the unusual use of a "Fall" image work....and made us laugh out loud! So Linda Blackbird's Pine Cone is the winner.

Finding a prize for Linda will be difficult. She owns tons of gg designs' stamps and has long signed her work with a special blackbird image, so Linda, please contact  us to let us know what we can do for a "prize" for you.

Thank You to everyone for making this month's challenges such fun!