unmounted, rubberstamps, art stamps, rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps
.Flora and Fauna--Samples (Page 5)art stamps, rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps

This is the work of Mary Courtney, who describes the process below:
Brayer white card stock w ith Kaleidacolor Calypso pad. Stamp images on 12 of the brayered card stock with clear embossing ink Emboss images with clear embossing ink Cover images using black waterbased marker Wipe off the excess ink beading on the embossed surfaces (Resist embossing known as Joseph's Coat- Version Two) Cut out images leaving a thin black border Layer images on a 4 12 x 6 12 piece of black card stock using foam tape on some of the images for dimension Cut a 4 34 x 6 34 piece of Calypso brayered cardstock Layer the black cardstock with the images onto the brayered cardstock Layer all onto a 5 x 7 folded black card

Linda Reid purchased the Modified Florals during the Spring Fever Convention and has been busy! Not only is she using the new images but new materials and techniques as well.

In an e-mail she writes:

Yes, I have been having lots of fun. The square tiles are cardboard with UTEE (that really thick embossing powder) melted on them & then the pigment inked stamp is pushed into the melted powder. The octagonal tiles are......tiles - real ceramic bathroom tiles! The images is stamped in pigment ink & them embossed and colored. All of them are edged with a gold paint pen. All of the background papers are marbled with dye reinkers and/or Lumiere metallic paints.

art stamps, rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps

Since everyone was having so much trouble enlarging the pictures, we have resized them for this page.

They are still larger, but this is large enough to give a better view.


Sorry for the inconvenience.....thanks to all who notified us that the directions given were not working.


art stamps, rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps

art stamps, rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps art stamps, rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps
While just for samples and not meant to have detailed directions, Linda did respond to a plea for the directions from an enthusiastic customer.....who wrote: Linda's cards came in loud and clear. They a just beautiful...I'd love to know the technique she used for the #3 card background. It is so vibrant! What kind of paper did she use the dye inks on? Almost looks like tissue.
And, from Linda:
You can tell your "complimentary customer" that the background on the #3 card was done by dropping "globs" of Lumiere paint on to one side of a clear plastic page protector that had been slit open. Then the sheet was closed & "smooshed" around to mix the colors & two 1/4 sheets of matte coated cardstock were placed between the two sides of the plastic to transfer the marbled paint pattern. This technique makes wonderful marbled backgrounds. L.
From gg designs: LOVE it when customer's like each other's work so much : )

IDAS SAMPLE art stamps, rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps

Look what Ida Abshier has done with the Peruvian Lily.

Check her page in "Meet the Stamp Artists" to see more examples of her great use of this water color technique.



As far as technique-nothing tricky! I started by stamping the fern stamp randomly with Memories soft leaf. I overstamped this with the peruvian lily stamp, followed by 3 each of the matching lily blossom stamps-all with Ranger archival russet ink. I didn't mask anything, instead I just used a black marker to outline the petals so they looked like they were overlapping and to accent where it looked right to me. Then I colored in the petals with a yellow colored pencil wherever the white showed through. I mounted this onto green cardstock & then onto a black card, outlining the stamped paper with the black marker.


The background leaves, which appear yellow in this scan, are really a lovely, soft green color. Needs to be seen to be appreciated.

BLOSSOM ELIPSE art stamps, rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps

21 G

Blossom Elipse.....$7.00

Would you believe this was made using the Blossom Ellipse?

art stamps, rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps

Ida Abshier writes:

Got to playing with this stamp and it reminded me of a Hawaiian shirt..couldn't resist trying this out with a pattern I have had in my file cabinet forever.

One of the great things about how Ida uses stamp images....it's hard at times to identify the stamp! Makes the work truly personal and unique.



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