Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted.
Flora and Fauna--
Daisies--PAGE 14
Rubber stamps, unmounted rubberstamps, unmounted

Rubber Stamps

Leslie Wong selected this particular Daisy image to be sale priced the 2002 Dueling Modem's Spring Convention.She has used it since it was first introduced several years ago.

Daisies have been done a number of ways.

Rubber Stamps
Rubber Stamps
Daisy Medallion.....$3.00
Rubber Stamps
Sorry, not available at this time.
Rubber Stamps
Daisies, Carved......$5.50

Just LOOK at what Leslie did with the Carved Daisies>>>>>>>

As always, we apologize for the scan quality.The colors are much softer.

But, it's better than not seeing it at all!



Leslie took her cue from the daisies embossed on the side of the box and coordinated with gg design's carved daisies.

Leslie Wong uses gg design's rubber stamps

So heavily embossed it looks like tooled metal!

This picture shows the subtle colors much better than the scan does.


Yes, we know! You want to know the how-to and with what!

Though Leslie explained it thoroughly, we did not "retain" the instructions! So with a little prodding, perhaps we can get her to email the directions to be added here.

This is the latest version......

Daisies hand carved, rubber stamps
Daisies...ND 6.....$8.00

Daisies by Linda Blackbird

Technique? Simple, of course....that's the beauty of gg's! I rubbed pastel chalks into the cardstock using cotton balls. I stippled the ink onto the stamp, using Inkredible! (a pigment ink by Stewart Superior that I love.) I stippled Burnt Brass around the daisies and stippled Midnight Blue around the edges. Stippling added to the soft look. I trimmed it, and edged with a Krylon pen. I hit it with the heat gun to dry, then covered the entire piece with VersaMark and did 3 clear coats of UTEE. Done. After layering to gold and teal c.s., it was very pretty, all on its own....soft and muted. But, since I can't leave well enough alone, I added the wire and beads.


Another sample of this soft ephemeral technique by Linda Blackbird.

Rubber Stamps Pen and Ink

Five Daisies.....ND 8 A .....3 x 5"....$8.00

Click on the illustration to see many versions submitted for
Cyberstamper's May Mystery Stamp Event

Vivian Reilly's Daisy Puzzle
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The sample above, by Vivian Reilly, was a submission for the Octover 06 Mystery Stamp event.

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Page 14: Daisies--Since there are so many, we are grouping them together. Better for comparison.
Page 15: Butterfly "Kit", Pussywillows, carved feather, berry leaves
Page 16: "Elizabeth's Tulips," full size, Morning Glories

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