.Flora and Fauna--More Flowers SAMPLES (Pg 10)


Top Row left to right:

Linda Blackbird--The center flower is done several times and layered.

Linda Reid

Row two--Margaret Walsh, Leslie Wong

Left--Margaret Walsh

Karen Eberle uses the tulip image as part of a Goco printer produced project .

Above, a card by Ida Abshier.


Click here to see Ida's latest samples.

In this card, Ida uses the floral background stamp, but inks only one of the blossoms.


Joyce Stewart uses the same stamp in very different ways.


Check Ida Abshier's bio information in "Meet the Stamp Artists" to see more of her work.


Linda Reid uses one of the mini-florals to make a post-it note holder. What a great "Mini-Gift" idea!

Think Linda's work looks "good enough to eat"? No wonder....take a look at the "how to" directions for this "unfolding flower" shown in AMRSC's tag art page!

The technique talks about: butterscotch, pesto, currant, rueberry, grape.....makes you hungry just to READ!!!



to see the card in a larger version and to read the technique details. (Compliments of A Monthly Rubber Stamps Club--thanks Diane!)

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Flora and Fauna Index

Page 1: Bird of Paradise, Poppies, two styles, Bougainvillea two versions, Sunflowers, Morning Glories, Morning Glory, Still Life in Two Parts
Page 2: Ivy/Stein, Daisies, Daffodils
Page 3: Calla Lily, Easter Lily, Iris, Iris Too

Page 4: Roses, Carnations, Daisies, Leaves
Page 5: Plant (2 versions), Do It Yourself Violet "Kit," Hydrangea, Modified Minis, Lily Blossom, Companion Blossom, Peruvian Liiy, Blossom Ellipse
Page 6: Floral Minis #3, Roses, Do It Yourself Calla Set
Page 7: VEGETABLES--Mushrooms, Garlic, Autumn--Corn, Wheat, Squash, Pumpkin, Halloween--Carved Pumpkin Set, Asparagus, Beets, Artichokes, Broccolli
, Chili Peppers
Page 8: GREENERY--Aloe Vera, Leaves Background, Set-Two Fern Leaves, Smaller Set-Two Fern Leaves, Bush Background, Fern/Foliage, Loose Leaves, Three Striped Leaves, Mistletoe Sprig, Greenery and Berries, Border 2 and Border 3--leaves, Grasses--3 ways
Page 9: FRUIT--Oranges, Lemons, Apple, Pear, Grape
Page 10: Blossom, Rose, Tulip, Pansy, Petunias, Water Lily, Floral Background #2, Floral Minis #1, Floral Minis #2
Page 11: MISCELLANEOUS--Gargoyles,Fish, Eye/Tear, Mermaid, Gecko, Sampler Set, Sea Shells
Page 12: Zinnia, Floral Background #3
Page 13: MISCELLANEOUS (Continued) Sampler Set, Patriotic Ribbon, Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons and Butterflies, Stars
, Stick Figures
Page 14: Daisies--Since there are so many, we are grouping them together. Better for comparison.
Page 15: Butterfly "Kit", Pussywillows, carved feather, berry leaves
Page 16: "Elizabeth's Tulips," full size, Morning Glories

Page 17:Angel Trumpets, Poppies, Dandelion silhouette