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I have been stamping since just before my grandaughter Megan was born.




ELIZABETH seaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

Sending you another. . .pretty stamped envelope... not your stamps, but it's what started my love for "solid" or strong graphic stamps like yours where color says it all...

It was stamped in about 1995-96.....Do you see why I was so excitedwhen I saw your designs?

"In the beginning...."

It all started with a birthday gift, a 3/4 by 2 in . stamp of "Elizabeth" in script with a delicate border of leaves and flowers. Where to get a stamp pad? I found the "Omaha Rubber Stamp Co" that made business stamps and a few cute images, and bought 2 sizes of black ink pads, a 3x5 and a 3x8, (in case I got a really large stamp, LOL!!). Months later, Fulvio [DH] went to Baltimore and got, a colorbox pigment ink, "tropical" in pastels.

This was around July 1995 when my grandaughter, Megan was born. September of that year, just before my Tampa,Florida trip, to meet her, our first Stamp store opened, after that it was Stamps, and more stamps!!


Another installment soon.....


NOTE: Elizabeth has had surgery for CMJ. She is "on the mend" and thanks to some of her stamping buddies, is sporting a wildly colorful cast on the affected arm. She promises a scan or picture of this "wearable art."

She sends the envelope below:

The shoes in this card are Elizabeth's. We were talking one day about what fun it is to draw OLD shoes....what a lot of character they have.

A few days later....a surprise in my mail box. Elizabeth's gardening shoes!

Here she uses them in a surprising combination for a very special Christmas card she calls "Merry Olde Soles."

MERRY OLDEseaasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps

Deb Foy comments on Elizabeth's card: Not everyone can put together unrelated images and have them work. I've put some together and have liked the effect, but nothing quite like the shoes and church.


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