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Elizabeth Perini (continued)...

Elizabeth considers herself a "fan" and a "patron" of gg designs. Says she decided she had to have ALL of gg designs images. Since making that decision, she has collected many of the available stamps, including those manufactured in the "pre-carving" days.

In addition to "Stamps, and more stamps," Elizabeth is a professional singer, which brings her great joy.





We are waiting for the second installment of her biography. But, she has had a busy year. Surgery on her stamping hand curtailed her output for a while. (See the picture to the right...HOT OF THE PRESS!) meant EVERYTHING was on hold for a while.

As soon as we can talk her into it, you'll get to hear the "Elizabeth Perini Story" in her own words. Watch for the addtion to her page.

A helpful hint from Elizabeth...Need a shadow stamp? Check your design. You may be able to just turn it over and print the back get a "color spot" to stamp over....particularly since often exact register is not required. This won't work for all images but does just fine with a surprising number of them. Of course the back of the rubber must be clean and adhesive free and fairly smooth. Remember though, you're not looking for "perfect" and this will work quite often.

One of gg design's images bears Elizabeth's name. She had asked for a long time for sunflowers. Inadvertently, when the illustration was posted it said "Elizabeth's Sunflowers" so that is the designation.

Old Soles is also closely associated with Elizabeth. After a telephone discussion that wandered to interesting art class exercises, including what great subjects old, tired shoes made--a package arrived--with Elizabeth's gardening shoes. The result was the "tired tennies" which Elizabeth has used in a very unique way. Check out Christmas Carved to see what she did with them.

Making "favorite image" pick was easy for Elizabeth. She knew immediately her choice was the original Calla Lilies. It was one of her first purchases and is still one of her favorites.

Here Elizabeth combines the "Original" Calla and the images

The Calla is one of the most popular of gg design's images. To see other examples of it's use CLICK HERE .


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