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    Deb Lovett

I recently "met" . . . gg designs through a sketch challenge at rubberstampchat.

I enjoy stamping and learning new techniques, and I look for opportunities to share that enjoyment with others. I am a teacher at heart. That teaching opportunity may be in a class, a tutorial, or even by publishing a card and explaining how it is made.

Stamping is a fun craft, and even if we aren't "artistic," we can be creative and make something lovely to give away or keep in a scrapbook.I have a wonderful and very encouraging husband. We have two grown daughters. I work full time and besides stamping, I am active in our church and in Bible studies.ggd--In our correspondence related to preparing this issue, Deb wrote:I work at Hobby Lobby (Asst Mgr/Floral Dept Mgr) and recently had to fill out an accident report with the Mgr present.

(Background: I have been a secretary for YEARS. I worked for the State Dept, with temp tours in Russia and Geneva, then worked in a private law firm -- always as secretary. That was back when we typed on typewriters. Nowadays I type (on a computer) for an author.So to continue, I was filling out the accident report on the computer, and the Mgr. noticed that I know how to type. "Who taught you to type?" she asked. "I was a secretary for years," I answered. BUT in my mind, I was proudly thinking of my past history. Then a humbling thought crossed my mind:

People don't care about who you WERE. They care about who you ARE.
Not to argue but--
We care about it all. Love this additional insight and information about your background and your experiences. ggd

Deb acknowledges her love of techniques and her willingness to share them. Her belief that "even if we aren't "artistic," we can be creative and make something lovely" is at the heart of the tutorials and challenges here at gg designs.This month she is sharing her "Spray Starch Technique." She writes: BTW, as far as I know I came up with the technique. I was doing a : "Stamping Around the House" series several years ago and wanted to have a class using items from the laundry room, and wondered what would happen if I mixed spray starch and PE [Pearl Ex]. I was thrilled with how it turned out... I sent the technique to Technique Junkies and Pat featured it as an Ultimate Technique. After a year or so I sent it to Take Ten and they they featured it in the Jan 2008 issue. That was pretty exciting for me.
In February and March 2010, Deb introduced and sheparded (?) us through her Spray Starch Technique and the results can be seen in the February 2010 Spray Starch Challenge.


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