Unmounted Rubber Stamps

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Rubber Stamps, Unmounted

Rubber Stamp Carved Look Leaf Border Frame

 Leaf Border/Frame 2 3/4x 3 7/8 $ 7.00

Two different carved look, unmounted rubber art stamps combined to make this lovely card.
Sample features a combination of the leaf frame and Bush Background. To see project full size and find directions, click on the card.
FRAME TYLER seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps
LEAF FRAME BOW seasonal, unmounted, rubberstamps
This card is from Linda Reid. The child in the frame is her grandson Tyler. Linda Blackbird's card has a shiny CD in the center as "mirror."
Carved Look Rubber Stamps, Frame
Rose Frame, Carved Look Rubber Stamps
Frame 1--Approximately 3 1/4 x 5 (with a 1.5 x 2.5 cut out) this unmounted image is $9.00 Rose Frame-Frame 2--3.5" x5.25" (with 2.25 x 4) cut out -- $9.00
Linda Blackbird uses the Rose Frame
for a cherished picture of her Mother
Unmounted, carved look frame creates a look of antiquity appropriate to the subject matter. Carved look, unmounted, deeply etched.

Linda Blackbird was the prime mover behind the development of this set.

In our "consultations" over the project "Whack the borders a little, leave the glitches and add some ditties" became the primary "buzz words/ideas."

However, itappears we are "ditty impaired"....so the phrases are presented sans decorations, with a small set of "ditties", heart, posy, dove, etc.....added, so you may enhance the "country/folk art" look.

The bottom rectangle is what we are calling "instant old." Meant to simulate the "aged" look of old paint surfaces.

Linda Blackbird's Sample, using carved look, unmounted stamps from gg designs
Live, Laugh, Love, unmounted, carved look rubber stamps

Another version of the Live/Love/Laugh phrases invites using each phrase spearately.

Carved look rubber stamps.

Zodiac...centers carved, circle border computer generated. Deeply etched, unmounted.

Small Zodiac Set....$6.50

Carved look rubber stamp
Carved look rubber stamp sample
Another sunset sample. Hand carved look, unmounted. Utilizes clorious colors for a warm sunset look.
Ida Abshier sends this sample full of rich, warm colors and heavy gold embossing.
safety pin rubber stampopen safety pin rubberstamppushpin stamp, unmounted rubber, deeply etched.pushpin, another view. unmountedpaper clip rubber stamp

Page 1.... Pacifier, bottle, blanket pin, footprints--Sundae--Jacks--Clouds--Star Border--Southwest Designs/boots/cactus/suns/peppers/gecko--Borders/buttons/leaves--Lace edging, Lace background==Bush background--Set of four textures--Background texture--tassel, or noose, depending ou your interpretation : ) clay doodles

Page 2....Basket, Basket Weave, Floral Background #2,Corners and borders, Holly, Striped Leaves, Set of 5 Background, Borders and Design Elements.

Page 3....Triangles, "Mystery Stamp," DooDads #1, DooDads #2, DooDads #3, DooDads #3 1/2

Page 4....Leaf Border/Frame, Frame 1--Carved, Frame 2--Rose, Framed Phrases--Live/Love/Laugh

Page 5.....Accents, tiles, Southwest Doodads, Quilt Block Deigns

Page 6....Halftones


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